I like being a member of MOMS Club because I enjoy meeting other women in similar situations to my own. I like knowing that there are like-minded women in my community to do fun activities with. I also like that MOMS Club is a nonprofit through which I can give back to my community.



Joining Moms Club of Costa Mesa has been one of the best decisions I ever made for me and for my kids. To know that there are other moms experiencing the same things and feelings I do helps me know that I’m not alone in navigating being a mom. I’ve met so many wonderful down to earth women & their kids, we’ve explored our city parks, and have joined the club for many fun outings & adventures. Moms Club has become part of my tribe & I will continue to be a member for many years to come.


I joined the club to meet moms at home and hang out with them every now and then. I enjoy being a member thanks to the various activities and the info / feedback.


I joined Moms Club about 4 years ago when my family moved from the bay area to OC. I didn’t know anyone and it has been such a great resource! I’ve met some really awesome women. I love the way the club is structured with set park and play dates and a monthly moms night out. It makes me feel like I have a social life, ha! It really is an amazing online community, where you can ask for advice or recommendations. Or simply vent! I don’t know any other group where someone can post that they’re having a bad day and are met with an outpouring of support and empathy.  – Amy, mom to Clara (age 4.5)


Being a SAHM can feel lonely and isolating at times, and I wanted to meet other moms and kids for me and my daughter to socialize with! We have a great group of moms that I enjoy spending time with, and there are plenty of activities planned every week to get us out of the house.  I also like that we do several community service projects every year because I feel it is important to give back to the community as well as to teach my daughter the importance of helping others.


I love being part of this club because I am able to connect with other moms who live in my community. I felt very isolated and was so relieved to find a group who met up frequently and who I could relate to. I’m most thankful for the amazing women I’ve met and everlasting friendships.


Not being from California, I didn’t have a big network to support me through the taxing times of motherhood. Moms Club has been an asset to meet other moms going through similar experiences. It surprised me how many down to earth, friendly people I’ve met that have become  friends. It’s been a great supportive community.