Events & Activities

Park Days:  Every week we meet at a different park in Costa Mesa or the surrounding areas.  We regularly rotate the parks, and new parks are added upon member recommendation and club vote.  We only choose parks that have a restroom available.  If it is raining, we will move indoors, usually to a local church which lets us use a room when we need an indoor meeting place.

Monthly Socials:  Every month we have our Monthly Social.  We have a chance to meet and talk with other members of the club that we might not see on a regular basis, and we also conduct the club’s business meeting.  All decisions made for the club, whether it is regarding a policy, an event, a fundraiser or anything else, are made at the Monthly Social.

Playgroups:  The MOMS Club of Costa Mesa has several playgroups that meet at various times and days throughout the week.  Some playgroups are based on children’s ages while others are based on a common interest or activity (such as Disneyland or the beach).

Field Trips:  Each month we have a field trip with the kids.  Examples of past field trips include the Santa Ana Zoo, strawberry picking at Tanaka Farms, the pumpkin patch at Irvine Park Railroad and a Whole Foods tour.  We are always open to suggestions for new places to visit, and we are always looking for moms to be the Mom in Charge (MIC) for events.

MOM’s Night Out (MNO):  We have one MNO each month.  This is the one activity each month that we are allowed to have without children present.  Examples of past MNO’s include an Oscar party, an international potluck, a re-gift exchange and Color Me Mine.

Family Events:  We have several family events throughout the year.  These include weekend holiday parties (an Easter party in the spring with an Easter egg hunt and a Halloween party with costumes and trick-or-treating) and evening concerts in the park.  The whole family is welcome at these events!

Community Service Events:  Community service is a large part of who we are, and we have several service projects throughout the year.  Our typical events include a blanket-making night for Project Linus, March of Dime’s March for Babies, a school supplies drive for low-income students and a garage sale with 100% of proceeds donated to charity.