We are a local chapter of the International MOMS Club® – a non-profit, non-denominational organization providing support for mothers and their children.

I was new to the area and new to being a mom, so I really needed something to help me get acquainted with both. I can’t say how amazing it has been to have such a supportive group of women for my first year of “Is this normal?!” in motherhood. I never felt stupid for asking a question, and there was always at least one other mom who knew what I was going through. Both my little boy and I have made some wonderful friends, and the number of friends continues to grow as we welcome new members into the club!


I was lonely and wanted to find activities to get me and my little one out of the house! It’s so great to see lots of the same faces at all of the events. I tried out events hosted by other groups or in other venues and felt like I saw different people every single time – I could never get to know anyone before I never even saw them again. After a couple of MOMS Club Fridays at the park, people recognized me and it felt good.